Innovative development

  1. Import-replacing ceramic balls of various sizes for gas cleaning zeolite adsorbents
  2. Technology of developing floating pantones – ceramic stoppers for industrial pools
  3. Development and production of high-voltage voltage converter with a capacity of 16.6 mW
  4. Various and iridescent colors – pigments for ceramic tiles and paving stones for wall cladding
  5. Ceramic membrane system for food industry
  6. Ceramic products for catalysts with a complex form
  7. Multi-glass sunny dining room
  8. Flame resistant rods against ceramic decomposition for glass production lines for medical use
  9. Autonomous solar energy equipment on the basis of frennel glasses for individual users
  10. Strong heat and lining resistant ceramic tile for high temperature furnaces
  11. Ceramic cores for porous bricks
  12. Filters for cleaning liquids
  13. Polymerization of paints and varnishes
  14. Non-soluble electrodes for control of sulfuric acid state
  15. Autonomous solar parabolocylindroenergy device
  16. The production technology of ceramic pigments
  17. Indicator device for determining soil moisture tensiometer TP-1
  18. Basalt filter based drip irrigation system
  19. Functional ceramics for film-composite film
  20. Development of a drying method of the technology products
  21. Development of lightweight chamotte material
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