Big Solar Furnace

The 1000 kW Big Solar Furnace (BSP) is a complex optical-mechanical complex with an automatic control system consisting of a heliostatic field and a paraboloid concentrator, forming a radiant stationary flux of high density in the focal zone of the concentrator (technological tower).
The construction of the BSP furnace began in 1981 and was successfully completed in 1987 and a unique optical-mirror complex with a heat output of 1000 kW was put into operation.

BSP is built on an open hill, in an ecologically clean area; the number of sunny days per year at this point approaches 280. At the base of the hill involved in the construction is a one-piece plate of natural origin, which ensures maximum accuracy of the complex’s work even in unfavorable seismological situations.
The area of ​​the reflecting surface of the heliostatic field is 3020 m², the concentrator – 1840 m². The height of the hub is 54 m, width is 47 m, it also includes 62 heliostats. The temperature at the focus of the concentrator rays exceeds 3000 degrees Celsius. This is the largest solar oven in the world.


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