Laboratories and departments

  • Dr. Parpiev Odilkhodja Raimkhodjayevich
    Director, PhD (Physics and Mathematics)
    +998 70 722 5301

    Born September 30, 1965. He graduated from Tashkent State University in 1990. He worked as a Junior Research Fellow Heat physics department of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Head of department of the Committee for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Deputy chairman – Executive director of Committee for Coordination of Development Science and Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, First deputy director of the Agency for Science and Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Director General of SPA “Physics-Sun”. Author of over 40 scientific works, including 1 books and 1 computer software.

  • Laboratory «Big solar installations»

    Abdurakhmanov Abdujabbar
    Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences
    +998 90 320 0534

    Main directions: development of big solar installations for energy and technological purposes; development of methods and techniques for measuring the characteristics of concentrated solar radiation; development of methods for adjusting big solar installations; development of practically used power plants for converting concentrated solar radiant flux into electrical, thermal energy, IR and laser radiation, as well as producing hydrogen as an energy carrier; Studies of the optimized most effective processes of interaction of the concentrated solar radiant flux of different density with the substance, using the operational capabilities of the Big Solar Furnace.

  • Laboratory of functional materials and solar technologies

    Gulamova Dilbara
    Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
    +998 71 235 7496

    Laboratory studies are devoted to the production of materials with a layered crystal structure using concentrated sunlight. Almost all oxide ferro -, piezo - and high-temperature superconducting materials have a layered crystal lattice.

  • Laboratory of functional ceramics and installations based on them

    Rakhimov Rustam Khakimovich
    Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences
    +998 99 803 2468

    The laboratory carries out research work on the study of physical and chemical bases of technology for producing functional oxide ceramic materials and installations based on them.

  • Laboratory of technical ceramics and refractory materials

    Nurmatov Shavkat
    Head of the Laboratory, PhD in Technical Sciences
    +998 95 515 1585

    The laboratory carries out research for study of physical and chemical bases of technology for producing refractory materials and products based on them. The main objectives are to study the possibilities of obtaining refractory, wear-resistant materials based on local raw materials and waste products. Establishment of regularities of interaction and distribution of chemical elements in multicomponent single- and two-phase systems in relation to high-temperature and medium-temperature materials science. The main direction of the laboratory is the study of physical and technological features of the synthesis of new refractory, wear-resistant and chemically resistant materials. One of the new directions is the study of heat-accumulating materials for solar power plants based on salts and hydrocarbons, the study of increasing the heat capacity of materials with the addition of nanostructures.

  • Laboratory for the synthesis and processing of materials

    Payzullakhonov Muhammade-Sultonkxon
    Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Science in Technical Sciences
    +998 94 213 1243

    As is known, the activation of the surface of materials in various ways (mechanical grinding, concentrated light irradiation, chemical treatment, etc.) can significantly change the course of solid-state reactions and produce products with a high specific surface area. Such materials are used in catalysts, absorbers, they are also used to create nanocatalysts, special filters, etc.

  • Laboratory of high-temperature composite materials and coatings

    Suleymanov Sultan
    Head of the Laboratory, PhD in Physics and mathematics
    +998 71 235 4061, +998 97 777 2651

    The scientific direction of the laboratory is the development and synthesis of high-temperature composite materials on the solar furnace. The technology of creation of composite materials on the basis of oxides and metals (cermet’s) is developed in the laboratory. These cermet materials are promising for the creation of solar heat receivers. It is planned to develop a technology for creating heat-reflecting coatings, which are the main element for energy saving. It is planned to study the behavior of high-temperature composite materials in a highly heterogeneous temperature and light field on a Big solar furnace. It is planned to conduct research on strengthening and hardening of alloy steels to increase strength and wear resistance in a Big solar furnace.

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