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About the program “Summer school for physics students” of the Institute of Materials Science


The Institute of Materials Science annually holds an interdisciplinary summer school for physics students, which combines study, exciting practical classes and recreation.

Participation in the summer school, can help students improve their skills in research, analytical thinking and astrophysics. With stronger skills in these areas, students can be better prepared for their future careers as scientists, as well as other professional opportunities.

The summer school includes several thematic workshops. Among the profiles: General physics, materials science, optics, astrophysics, renewable energy, the use of solar energy. Based on the interests of higher education institutions may be added to the profile of other areas.

Lecturers of the summer school are leading scientists of the Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Physics and technics and other institutes of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences.

The summer school is held on the basis of a unique scientific object ” Big Solar Furnace ” of the Institute of Materials Science of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, which is located in the picturesque Parkent district of Tashkent region, in the foothills of the Tien Shan.

The “Big Solar Furnace” is a complex optical-mechanical complex with automatic control systems, consisting of a heliostat field and a paraboloid concentrator, forming a stationary high-density energy flow in the focal zone of the concentrator. The area of the reflecting surface of the heliostat field is 3020 m2, the concentrator — 1840 m2. The height of the concentrator is 54 m, width 47 m, it also includes 62 heliostats. The temperature in the focus of the concentrator beams reaches 3000 degrees Celsius. There are only two such solar furnaces in the world, the other one is in France.

The programme of practical training includes participation in research and trials on the Big Solar Furnace, melting by concentrated solar beam in different materials and metals, observation of the nighttime starry sky, as well as a tour to scenic spots as Comeson, Zarkent and historical complex “Hazrat Ali»

Participants of the summer school will stay in the hostel of the Institute in the immediate vicinity of the event venue.

It is proposed to organize the participation of students in the form of incentives for good study, academic performance and personal qualities, while the cost of participation is covered by universities. Selection of students is carried out by the management of universities.

The cost of participation per student is 1.0 million UZS, which, in addition to training includes:

  • transfer from Tashkent to the village of the sun (the gathering place subway station “Mashinasozlar” and back);
  • accommodation in the hostel;
  • three meals;
  • one day excursion tour.
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