The effect of narrow-spectrum far infrared radiation by the method of resonant therapy of infections

At the Institute of Material Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Technical Sciences R. Rakhimov developed a device and method for using pulsed infrared radiation generated by functional ceramics in various fields, including medicine.

Various emitters have been developed to influence pathological processes in the body.

As a result of many years of research (over 20 years), 4 groups of emitters were developed and tested in laboratory and clinical conditions.

The following types of emitters are available:

  1. immune-normalizing;
  2. anti-inflammatory;
  3. antiviral;
  4. improve microcirculation.

As for viral infections, the essence of the method is that any virus is DNA or RNA with an appropriate enzyme that copies and multiplies it. The process occurs due to the formation of an enzyme-substrate complex, which at the time of growth is a radical. Antiviral emitters recombine pathological radicals and the virus dies.

Immune emitters coordinate the rates of metabolic processes among themselves. Thereby, the body’s immunity is significantly increased.

There are clinical trial results, acts, reports, conclusions, registration certificates, patents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international patents, certificates of conformity, FDA certificate, textbooks, monographs, etc..

A feature of this method is that these impulses affect only substances alien and harmful to the body, without affecting the processes occurring in the human body.

That is why there are no restrictions for this method on the destruction of viruses of any type, without side effects for humans, which is confirmed by the FDA certificate.

Based on the foregoing, it is recommended to provide research by using this method in the treatment of patients with coronavirus.